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KDI Kraftwerksdientleistung und Industriemontage

KDI is a company with especially motivated employees that operates throughout Europe. A high level of professionalism and specialized qualifications make KDI one of industry's most capable partners.

KDI's main areas of activities are plant construction as well as revision and maintenance in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in power plants, in the pulp industry, in belt conveyor system installation, and in the manufacturing trade. Our employees are examined to 90 % in accordance with the radiation protection regulation based on G26.3 and G41. The maintenance and revision of plants is handled using qualified personnel based on the corresponding design phase.

From installation up to start-up operation, the customer obtains an expertly implemented solution to its project. In order to be able to offer our customers a high-quality standard, we have had our company certified in accordance with the SCP-management system for safety, health, and environmental protection. KDI has been a competent partner in several industrial branches for years. We support our customers with our own specialists at installation construction sites on location and in all areas of service and maintenance.

In the attachment, we are sending you our company presentation along with the offer requested. Of course, we are glad to be available for any further enquires at any time.